A Balanced Life LLC

with Samantha T. Jones MSc.

Learn ELDOA Postural Exercises...

What is one of the most common issues for a recreational golfer? 

Answer....... rotational mobility 

What if you learnt a postural exercise that helped over time your amount of flexibility around the trunk?

Contact Samantha today to find out how ELDOA can work for you!

See below for the TABLE OF SERVICES to see how Samantha can help you

Table Of Services
Services At Home ConsultationAt Home Personal Training
 (3 months) 
Membership Plan
(6 month)
Membership Plan Platinum (Ongoing with a 6 month minimum)
In Person Coaching

✓(1 hour)

✓(6 hours)

Video Call Coaching

✓(1 a month)

✓(2 a month)

Email Support

✓(1 week)

✓(3 months)

✓(6 months)


Personalized Written Program (PDF)

ELDOA demonstration & Correction

Titleist Performance Institute (TPI)
Body - Swing Analysis with Results.

Upon Request for extra charge

Upon Request

Upon Request

Personalized Video Instruction for your program

Related Exercise Instruction Resources

Related Diet & Lifestyle Resources

Personalized program accessible through app/site.
Record your workouts, log in from mobile on the go.

Access to pre-built workouts for many conditions.
Stress reduction, energy building, fat loss,
functional strength, health & wellness,
postural correction,
movement development,
core conditioning. 

Access to pre-recorded video instruction
 (limited database)

Access to video instruction
(ALL database)

FEES (Note, fees are based on 1person.
Fees will change for groups of 2-4)
$150$550$40 month$75 month