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with Samantha T. Jones MSc.


Samantha is the proud owner of A Balanced Life; a Holistic Lifestyle & Exercise Coaching service based at the prestigious Lakewood Ranch Golf & Country Club on the beautiful West coast of Florida. She is available for personal training, small group training and holistic lifestyle coaching at the Athletic Center. With a wealth of experience and training she is passionate and committed to help improve the quality of life of all her clients. 

An avid golfer Samantha understands the body-swing connection and focuses on golf - specific fitness; power, strength, flexibility, mobility and stability. She is a Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) Certified professional and holds regular Golf Fitness Workshops throughout the year. Check out the TPI Golf Fitness Page.

In addition, Samantha works with many other athletes to increase sport specific performance - core strength, balance and postural re-alignments and specializes in building strong foundations of fitness. So whether you are new to exercise, been out of the gym for a while or looking to achieve optimal fitness levels, Samantha will design a bespoke and personally designed program based on your needs. 

If you would like to get a taste of Samantha's style, she teaches through Powhow, Live Webcam classes from the comfort of your home. All you need is wifi and a mat.

Golf & Tennis Conditioning Express: A 45 min non-equipment, body weight based class that challenges your core stability and balance. We also focus on proprioception (your internal GPS) and effective deep myofascial stretching.

Golf & Tennis Conditioning: An equipment based class that challenges your power, strength all whilst standing on one leg or sitting on a Swiss Ball!

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