A Balanced Life LLC

with Samantha T. Jones MSc.

Success Stories

Here are some samples of testimonials from Samantha's happy clients. Whilst everyone's specific goals, level of fitness, commitment and motivation is different, these testimonials will help to inspire you with what is possible with Samantha helping you along the way. 

Feel free to contact Samantha to discuss helping you to be a great success story!

"Working with Samantha Jones for the past 6 months as a personal trainer and in her golf conditioning class has been very beneficial to me in two ways.  From a health perspective  I have lost 40 pounds, my blood pressure has reduced by 30 points, and my pulse has declined by 20 points.  I also feel 10 years younger.

Improved core conditioning has increased my golf driving distance by 30 yards and has given me a 10 yard increase in every other club.  Greater strength and balance has allowed me to be more consistent with ball contact, flight pattern, and alignment.  

Sam has been a delight to work with and I highly recommend her as a trainer and teacher for anyone at any age".

Dave Young

Lakewood Ranch Country Club member

I came to you in early January to gain strength after losing a great deal of weight.  I also mentioned to you on our first session that I have long suffered from lower back pain.  You quickly noticed that I walk with a noticeable slump forward.  This was caused by two rear end car accidents resulting in two whiplash injuries. 

Well, it has been four months of steady progress.  I have not had lower back pain for the past two months, and you have given me many exercises to correct my posture.  In fact, when my family was here in April they remarked how much taller I was.  I am also much stronger, and have gained back the golf driving distance that disappeared after I lost the weight.  I feel stronger all over my body and at my age am very pleased with my appearance. 

I have taken the training very seriously and practice “eldoas” several times per day.  I am sure this has immensely helped.  I also adhere to your off session days by always completing the prescribed weight and cardio training.  I look forward to you prescribing a fitness regimen that I can take back to RI.

Thanks for helping Bob and Joe, two friends that I referred to you.  When we play golf together we always say “glutes” on the tee box and the term never gets old. 

Tom C, RI

"When I first started working with Sam, I had been out of the "fitness world" for several years. Not only was I out of shape, I was afraid of exerting myself--I might get hurt, it's uncomfortable, I'll fail, I'm old, I'm afraid. So I dumped this all on Sam, and put myself in her hands. She took it all in, tested me, worked up a plan, and we got started. Who knew I could be comfortable in a Fitness Center! 

It's an ongoing process, and yet I am seeing changes that I can't discount: better posture, strong(er) abs (still a work in progress, but still!), much-reduced lower back, shoulder and glute pain, and more endurance. The fear of the feeling of getting to the "end range" is gone, and I am stronger!

Although I filled out all of the health questionnaires, it was only the "physical fitness" component I was interested in, especially as it would impact my golf. Sam never pushes the aspects of training that I don't want, (say, clean eating), but when she sees an opening she will sneak in a bit of advice. (Hydration!)

I have found Sam to be really knowledgeable about the fitness field. In fact, her program has brought me more relief from my chronic shoulder and glute pain than my previous PT and chiropractic work. It's so amazing, that I regularly tell people that Sam fixed my shoulder!
My stamina and strength have functionally increased, too. I have found that where previously I was ready to quit golfing after 15 holes, and had to gut out the last three, now I get to 15 and think, "Hey, I'm good!"
My goals were to get fit again, strengthen my core, maybe improve my golf with flexibility and stamina, and get comfortable in the Fitness Center. Sam helped me meet all those goals, and I continue to work with her to keep me progressing.
Thank you, Sam!"

Chris A. Lakewood Ranch, Florida

"I am very impressed with Sam in the few weeks that she has been my personal trainer. After interviewing several trainers, I decided I wanted to work with Samantha because of her admirable knowledge of the field of training, many good ideas and ideas that were focused on my specific needs and abilities. She can quickly assess what works and what needs work. She takes a holistic approach to training so that she focuses on healthier thinking,  better nutrition and  increasing body strength and stamina. If you are a golfer, she has a thorough understanding of golf dynamics and how to improve your game through specific exercise which target your golf swing movements. She has been a great “cheerleader” because she has a nice  way of pushing me to challenge myself. I am lucky to have her as my coach and trainer". 

Beth C, Lakewood Ranch, Florida

"I had suffered from IBS, painful bloated stomach and bouts of diarrhea for over 20 years. Living in the Middle East for five years was taking its toll on my ever increasing waistline but after just 5 weeks under the tutelage of Samantha Jones I am free of symptoms, have lost over 2 kilos and a total of 3.9 inches! Not only that, I feel much stronger with more energy than I have experienced for a long time. How did we achieve this? Samantha explained my symptoms and advised a gluten free diet, more hydration and we worked together twice a week on a great exercise program giving me the incentive to change my body shape but also to change my lifestyle. You were just what I needed, Thank you Samantha."

Rosemary, Facilities Manager, Riyadh

"Hi Sam,

I would just like to say thank-you, thank-you, thank you!!! I have just got into some of my old jeans!;-).

You are absolutely amazing and have given me so much support and encouragement, both physically and mentally. I really appreciate everything you have done for me - you should cherish the fact that you have a very special skill with people and a wonderfully kind way of aiding them to see the right direction without being judgmental.

I am sitting here now totally shocked, as I never would have believed that it was possible, that in eight and a half weeks, I could have gone from a diet of beer, diet coke and chips - to- water, lentils and brown rice, and most impressively, green slimy things (avocado), green crunchy things (lettuce) and eggs, and dare I say it, I might actually be beginning to like eating these things!! And, on the whole I am feeling so much better too, and its all down to you." 

Sarah B, Bahrain