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The Most Effective 20 minute Golf Warm Up Program


Does it take you 3 holes to finally feel warm and loose enough to hit your Maximum Yardage? Does it take you a couple of holes to get into your groove? Why wait? What about if your spine felt great and ready to go on the first hole?

This is your ideal golf mobility warm-up that should be done prior to any round of golf. This will warm the discs at the appropriate level without causing any potential injury to cold and sleepy discs.

This can also be used prior to doing any ELDOA. If you haven't heard the term ELDOA, Then take note. Tiger used this type of training to rehabilitate his spine and managed to secure his major come back.

This 20 minute pdf is a companion that you can take with you, practice at home, without equipment and just takes a couple of weeks to really get to grips with the method.

Once that's done, your spine will love you for ever more. And your confidence in your swing will forever be with you in each round.

Try it for just $9.99