A Balanced Life LLC

with Samantha T. Jones MSc.

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A Balanced Life Membership Plan

$40.00 per month for 999999 months

Have you taken part in one of Sam's group classes?

Have you always tried to remember how to do one of her exercises?

Do you always forget?

For a limited time offer of just $40 per month, join Sam's A Balanced Life Membership plan and have full access to her whole database of information for golfers; those with bad backs, nutrition and lifestyle guidance. Plus EACH AND EVERY ELDOA Video that you've ever needed.
TPI videos, CHEK videos, ELDOA videos plus loads more insightful information.

Download the popular golfers warm up that Sam swears by, and that you can take with you to the golf cart.
Now is your chance to have Sam as your mobile personal trainer.

Access to the database is ongoing and every week Sam will be posting new videos and content.

Have access to membership discounted personalized programs.

Join today for an entry price of just $40 a month! This price will be going up, so lock yourself in for this early bird special.