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3 month at Home Personal Training Program


This is a 3 month exercise program for you to work on at home that includes 2 sessions a month with Sam.

1. Get an initial consultation for Sam to create a program that targets your needs and requirements for that month.

2. Then Sam will create a PDF program for you to follow. Photos and detailed instructions will be included. You can access this program as a download.

3. Then Sam will visit your home for a follow up session (two weeks after) to go through the exercises and check that you are doing them correctly. She will answer all your questions during this session.

4. We will repeat this process for 3 month commitment. (see Sam every other week for 3 months)

5. After 3 months, we repeat the program.

(Each Session lasts for approximately one hour. Sessions are held on Monday & Fridays every other week. Sam will include conditioning, stretching, ELDOA and golf related exercises that are personally designed for you and your needs).