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TPI Golf Fitness Screen


The TPI Golf Fitness Screen is specifically designed to assess swing characteristics that may be preventing you from an efficient swing.
Using 16 physical screens, we are able to determine areas such as, lack of mobility and stability within each joint. We know that these restrictions place excessive pressure and torsion which can eventually lead to pain and time away from the game.

Golf is a rotational sport and unless your body is able to swing without those restrictions, each time you hit the ball you are increasing the risk of injury.

TPI (Titleist Performance Institute) is an international highly regarded Golf Performance Institute that certifies Golf Professionals, Fitness Professionals and Medical Professionals. It gives us a chance to 'talk the same language' and consequently work as a team to improve your swing and keep you injury free.

I encourage you to discuss this program with your golf professional so we can add the fitness component to your routine.

Samantha is a Level 1 TPI certified and is proud to be serving the local golfing community.